PDO Thread Lift: The Latest and Greatest in Effective Anti-Aging

Are you looking for a long-lasting anti-aging solution? A traditional facelift used to be the only option – but the pain and extensive recovery downtime are real downsides.

That’s why I’m proud to offer the PDO Thread Lift, an innovative and non-invasive procedure to lift sagging skin and increase collagen production. Invented in South Korea, the PDO Thread Lift is fast and non-invasive, and performed right in my office under just a local anesthetic.

Small threads are inserted under your skin to provide a lift in whatever areas you need – your eyes, neck, cheeks, or anywhere that you’ve noticed a natural loss of your youthful fullness. Those threads provide a more youthful lift, and dissolve on their own while stimulating natural collagen repair over the next few years.

The result? A more youthful and lifted face, with no downtime and instant results. You can be back to your normal, active life right away – you can drive yourself home from the procedure, and return to work or social events the very next day.

It doesn’t have to replace fillers as an anti-aging option either – it works great as a complementary therapy to Botox or Juvederm.

The PDO Thread Lift is the perfect option for your busy life. You’ll be refreshed, rejuvenated, and recovered in just hours – with results that keep improving over time. Call me at 972-722-1199 to schedule your free consultation with me today and find out more about this revolutionary procedure.

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